Terms & Conditions

According to our company policy the Terms & Conditions are the following:


rhodes car rentals


-License & Age-

• The renter and each driver must be at least 21 years old (Age limit is 75 years old) for all vehicle categories. It must display a valid driving licence in its name which is valid for at least one year.


• Parking is allowed only in authorised parking zones (Rhodes Town).

-Traffic Fines-

• Tickets and subsequent administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations during the rental period are the renter’s responsibility.


• Our company does not charge for last minute cancellation, we simply ask our potential customers who make online reservations to appreciate our flexible reservation service and have the courtesy to notify us of possible cancellation. We appreciate your respect towards the company and its policy.

-Payment Method-

• The payment method can be done by card or cash at the date of the car delivery.


KION Car Rentals has the right to change the car model (in the same category) in exceptional cases.

-Fuel Policy-

• The car has to return with the same fuel that was taken. The fuel is in responsibility of the renter, if the car is return with more fuel than the original, our company cannot give money back.

-Insurance & Coverages-

KION Car Rentals Insurance covers: Fire & Theft, Terrorist Acts of Fire, Driver’s Personal accident, Liability for Fire, Lawyer’s Protection, Total Vehicle Destruction, Care at The Accident Site ( 24h road service), Physical Injuries Per Victim, Third Party Material Damage by Accident, Damage to an Uninsured Vehicle, Tyres & Car Windows, Natural Causes, Immediately replacement of car in case of damage or accident, Interior Of The Car Coverage & Underneath Car Coverage.

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