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KION Rhodes Car Rentals - Our Mission

Your satisfaction is our number one priority...

-Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with a quality product, friendly service to make sure our company is their best car rental option.

-We provide excellent service at great prices showing our customers that they have received the best car rental price. Our goal is to improve our services and increase our customer satisfaction. We tackle problems and take action in the best possible way.

-We provide quality, consistent and reliable work to the benefit of our customers and partners. We take care of our work every day to positively influence our products with deep pride in who we are and how we work.

-We continue to learn and grow to become better at our workplace every day. We believe in creating a friendly car hire while maintaining a pleasant working environment that respects and serves all of our customers.


Our Rhodes Airport Services

Our plan is to make things, easier for you...

Don’t be afraid of the airport nightmare, our company is here to help you as much as possible.

When you arrive at Rhodes Airport our company representative will be there waiting for you with an inscription with your name on it for easier finding.

Our representative will help you with your luggage and get you in the car you rented to complete the rental procedure.

A few days before your arrival in Rhodes you will receive a message on your mobile phone or WhatsApp to remind you of  your reservation and the latest information.

rhodes rent a car

rhodes rent a car

Rhodes Rent a Car Services

Because renting you a reliable car is the minimum we can do for you...

KION Rhodes Car Rentals is a company created by a family with huge experience in automotive & rent a car business in the island of Rhodes.

We designed our services in order to meet and even exceed, if possible, your highest expectations when you hire a car in Rhodes for your holiday.

The only possible way of achieving this goal was to put ourselves as customers. The combination of our experience, your expectations, and the desire to always improve our services is making KION Rhodes Car Rentals your best choice!

We are offering, Easy and hassle free on-line reservation.
NEW perfectly maintained vehicles, Low prices always following the golden rule “value for money”.
The option of a fully comprehensive insurance with no self-risk(F.W.D), 24h extended roadside service. All of the above will make your car rental in Rhodes more affordable and comfortable.

Kion Car Rentals is a family business with a friendly attitude towards the customer and its purpose is to cover your needs in the most economical way.

-The relationship with our clients is based on trust & certainty, we have inspired the name of the company which reflects what we provide.

-The column of keion is a circular cross-section, a correct element, used in architecture and building as a prop. It consist of the base, the trunk and the capital. Modern architecture extends the use of the word column to various kinds of vertical brackets.

-We operate daily, evolving our services and upgrading our fleet satisfying every need of our customers.

-You have the option of choosing personalized products and services tailored to your needs through a variety of cars. 

-The long-term trust of customers is a continuous vindication, having better services, even for the most demanding. 

-Our aim is the continuous self-improvement and the upgrading of service with constant investments in cars, technology and manpower.

-The secret of this success is the philosophy that we follow, we respond effectively to modern needs, offering new versatile products and unique experiences of self-movement.


Economy Rhodes Rent a Car

Our lowest prices promise also quality and reliability

Rent a car in Rhodes online with us, gives you privilege to access a wide inventory of cheap and safe cars.
Our trusted and affordable car hire services include advantages such as unlimited kilometres, additional driver, local taxes, lowest prices, no hidden costs and free cancellation.

We always try the best, to offer you the premium and personalised car hire services with new and safe vehicles. Our mission is to make your holidays in Rhodes an unforgettable experience.

rhodes rent a car

Team Members

Anastasis Hatzigiannis
Managing Director
Meet the Founder & CEO of KION Car Rentals.
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